Designing for Holistic Comfort.

Tarkett’s innovative flooring solutions combine evidence-based design with practical performance to create safe and comfortable spaces for senior living environments.

Human-Conscious Design

At the heart of design, our work has always been about people. Not just a few people. All people.

Tarkett Human-Conscious Design™ helps create supportive spaces for the unique needs of residents and caregivers in senior living environments. From physical safety to emotional wellbeing, we're committed to providing you with holistic design solutions in these spaces, where every human interaction matters.

Fostering Well Being Solutions for Every Space Beautiful Design. Practical Performance

Fostering Well Being

Promoting wellness lifestyles for senior living

Senior living communities must balance the beauty of hospitality, the comfort of home and the safety of a healthcare environment, all while fostering a sense of community. With flooring solutions designed with active seniors and their caregivers in mind, we can help you promote wellness and deliver modern amenities in every space—from individual apartments to community spaces that bring people together.
  • Safe Wayfinding Toggle Section
    Flooring can make a significant contribution to visual messaging through pattern, color and visual texture. These cues help diminish risk and increase safety, while giving residents a sense of confidence and independence.
  • Emotional Wellness Toggle Section
    Studies have shown that emotions play a large role in our ability to recall information. Flooring and other design elements inspired by nature or reminiscent of a certain time or place can help us access memories and feel greater emotional security, which promotes healing.
  • We know floor coverings are closely linked to indoor air quality. Since 2011, we’ve been pioneers of flooring solutions with low and ultra-low VOC emissions between 10 and 100 times lower than the most stringent world standards. Many of our products are also CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® to protect the most vulnerable residents and staff members.

Solutions for Every Space

Design for all levels of care

Senior living environments aim to do more than house the elderly and accommodate aging-related conditions. Like healthcare spaces, senior living is shifting focus toward promoting the greater wellbeing of residents and fostering a stronger sense of community and care. Seniors have more options than ever when selecting a property, so design of the space is critical for attracting future residents.
  • Independent Living Toggle Section
    Independent living covers a wide gamut of building typologies, from cottages to townhouses to apartments, and can range in size from 1,500 square  feet to 2,000 square feet. Floor plans typically include a full kitchen, living, and dining areas. Residents have access to shared dining venues, amenities for socializing, recreation, and fitness, as well as concierge services such as laundry and housekeeping.
  • Assisted Living Toggle Section
    Typically designed for single occupancy, an apartment may range from 320 square feet to 650 square feet and contain a bedroom, bathroom, living area, and kitchenette. Assisted Living provides personal care and help with activities of daily living in a way that promotes maximum independence.
  • Skilled Nursing Toggle Section
    Skilled nursing facilities, or long-term care facilities, are licensed healthcare residences for individuals who require around-the-clock medical care or require rehabilitation services to help them with their recovery.
  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities Toggle Section
    These are retirement communities with accommodations for independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehab, offering residents a full continuum of care as their health changes with aging.

Beautiful Design. Practical Performance.

Durable product solutions for healthier environments

Each area in a Senior Living environment has a unique flooring requirement based on the clinical mission, the population served, the team caring for them and the equipment needed. By utilizing evidence based design, Tarkett is able to offer durable product solutions designed to support wellness, improve safety and simplify maintenance – providing healthier environments for both residents and staff at all levels of care.
  • Cleaning, Maintenance and Durability  Toggle Section
    We understand the delicate balance of designing for optimum infection control, while still helping residents and their guests feel at home. Tarkett offers both resilient and soft surface low-maintenance flooring solutions that are durable and easy to clean with simple methods. 
  • When it comes to residents, their families, and care-givers, safety is fundamental. Tarkett solutions are ADA compliant and designed to minimize common safety issues, such as slips and falls. The Tarkett Material Health Statement (MHS) provides radical transparency on our product ingredients, with details for both human and planet health. 
  • Sustainability  Toggle Section
    As the first CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly commercial flooring manufacturer in the USA and with the most Cradle to Cradle Certified™ products in the industry, Tarkett’s sustainability focus is expansive. We use environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and prioritize healthy materials and maintenance requirements. This combination creates green, healthy spaces that provide a sense of home and healing for residents and their caregivers.
  • Cost Effective Solutions That Perform  Toggle Section
    We understand the many factors that drive return on investment. Our expert sales team can help you address your specific priorities with tools like our life-cycle cost analysis calculator to ensure you get the most from your flooring solution.
  • Creativity & Flexibility  Toggle Section
    Color plays a major role in creating effective healing environments by shaping residents’ perceptions, spatial orientation and sense of surroundings. With a full portfolio of sheet and modular options, coordinating accessories, and a suite of unique designs through our Imaginations™ custom cutting program, you can personalize the space while enabling flexible, multi-purpose use.

Across our portfolio of products, Tarkett offers flooring solutions to fit any level of care in a senior living environment. Click below to view our Senior Living Product Guide that features curated product selections designed for Senior Living Environments.