Stacy Garcia

Founded in 2004 and known for bold, colorful patterns and in-depth trend forecasting, the world-renowned Stacy Garcia Commercial brand offers a complete design story for the hospitality industry and is featured in prominent hotels and resorts across the globe. Working hand-in-hand with leading manufacturers, the design house creates award-winning textiles, carpet, wallcovering, furniture and lighting. Our exclusive Stacy Garcia for Lexmark offering includes beautifully tufted patterns that showcase a vibrant design aesthetic and progressive color combinations.

Nolan Beck Rivera

Nolan Beck Rivera is the creative director behind The Materialist, a non-disciplinary design project that began with a trip to the Gironde region of France, specifically a small village called Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, where everything is very old and very beautiful. Every surface is textured, aged and rich. Inspired by this specific type of luxury, Nolan seeks to create products that have that same sense of gravity and beauty. Trained in graphic design, printmaking and photography, his work now includes interior design, architectural consulting, furniture design and jewelry design. He has a cane corso named Penelope, loves French and Italian culture, and once wrote a cookbook of food you can share with your dog.